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 The main reason for me, in which I decided to focus on parenting was the desire to help families, leveraging my own life experience and challenges, simplifying complex and frustrating life situations and translate them, with clear guidance, into simple toolkits. For me, there is nothing more rewarding and satisfying than hearing families who have improved their quality of life, relationships, communication with their children and the overall routine of life, following our encounters. I wanted to share a bit…

The Davidoff Family, Ramat Gan

We are so happy to have taken the first step and sought advice from Tanya. We now understand that there is no reason to wait and how much knowledge we as parents can learn about parenting. Personally, Tanya has been able to give us some golden tips and ways to deal with outbursts of anger from our four-year-old eldest son. Already after a few sessions, we saw a huge improvement in behaviour and realized which buttons need to be pressed to solve the problem and which are better to just let go.. highly recommend". The Davidoff Family, Ramat Gan Anonymous, Singapore Tanya accompanied us through the independent falling asleep process of our 4.5-year-old son, when we did not believe it was possible at all. It was important to us that the process be accompanied by warmth and understanding, and with as little crying as possible and indeed it was. Tanya was available, professional and pleasant throughout. We really were unbelievers but thanks to Tanya our son at 4 and a half years old started to fall asleep alone but knowing we were present in the next room, so he never really felt alone. The meetings with Tanya were enriching and interesting, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the tools you have given us in other areas as well, you have done it with kindness and professionalism. Thanks!

Vinai Levy, Los Angeles

'Our sweet three-year-old Tom had trouble falling asleep and refused to sleep in his bed. On the advice of a good friend, we contacted Tanya for advice. We held the Zoom call in the evenings, when we were at home, which made it very easy for us because of the demanding schedule of both of us. The tools Tanya has given us to deal with, are priceless. There is a marked and constant improvement in Tom's sleeping habits, and we have also learned our power as parents and how to properly exercise our parental authority. Thank you, Tanya.

Eddie And Yifat Naveh, Rotterdam

'When we decided to accept Natalie's job offer, we knew that the family's move to the Netherlands would be the most significant challenge for the children. So many questions popped into our heads and there was no one to answer us professional answers. Until we met Tanya: The training conversations with Tanya taught us a lot. Both in her personal experience as a mother of four children growing up abroad and in aspects of relocation and educational approach. High time is recommended for any family considering relocation or those who have already made the move.

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