How to deal with kids’ sleep problems

Difficulties in falling asleep and general sleep problems of children is one of the common phenomena in their raising and to be honest, also one of the most exhausting and complex to deal with.
The symptoms will usually appear between the ages of 0-5, but in some cases can appear up to adolescence.

We are all familiar with the regular ritual, the constant negotiation of bedtime, brushing teeth and going to bed.
Another common problem is waking up continuously during the night and joining mom and dad’s bed for the rest of the night…

So why is this happening and how can the phenomenon be addressed?

The reasons for this phenomenon are varied, complex and fundamentally different.
In general, children who have not adapted the ability to fall asleep on their own will tend to wake up during the night and will need an “external factor” to fall asleep again.
With other children, it is a matter of testing and stretching the boundaries.
In other cases, it caused by a real fear, based on a memory or an event that happened during the day (“monsters in the closet”, a bad dream, etc.)

The good news is… that it is certainly doable to deal with this challenge and implement to our child (and no less to us….) correct habits and behaviours for continuous and healthy sleep, which will positively affect all members of the household and their wakefulness during the day.
Once we understand the real cause of the problem and what lies behind it, the name of the game is adherence to regular sleep routines as well as clear rules and boundaries .
We will define the “rules of the sleeping ceremony” – what must be enforced and where it can be loosen up a bit….

Good night!

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