Tanya Kalush – Parenting Consultant

I invite you to equip yourself with more tools, continue to strengthen your skills as a parent, consult, share and ask what you always wanted to know and did not know how…

My name is Tanya, married to Dror and a proud mother to .Iddo, Danielle, Tom and Mika
.From the very outset, my passion and my greatest love has been children

. More than a decade ago, we relocated to Sydney, Australia. Back then, it was only Dror and myself

.A few weeks before we even got settled in Australia, we conceived our first child 

Unlike in many other countries, it is very common for children to start kindergarten only at the age of two, so it turned out, I had quality time with each of my children up to two years to learn together, get to know each other and experience. In Australia, I had the opportunity to be exposed to different cultures and methods of raising and educating children, to adopt the ones I loved and to develop and adapt others and most importantly – to implement them successfully in our family

.After over five years in Sydney, we relocated to Singapore, again following Dror’s job and conceived our 4th child, Mika

As Dror’s “dependent”, I re-calculated my journey and mission in life.
It was clear to me that I would not be willing to give up quality time with my children, to be present in their daily lives’ experiences, especially in such critical years and equally, I was very determined to develop myself and mainly share the set of skills I had accumulated over the years. A combination, if you will, of satisfaction, accomplishment and career path.

.Thus, the idea of parental consulting has been developed for me, with a special emphasis on the challenging struggle in raising and educating children
!After a short trip to New York, I happened to be exposed to the parenting methodology in the Adler approach. I researched, got to the real bottom of it and realized – this is the right path for me

.Today, after many courses, meetings and workshops and mainly a lot of assistance  to worried parents, I can look back with satisfaction and determine that this was the right decision
With the help of getting the right “toolbox”, in analysing complex and frustrating situations – you can no-doubt significantly improve your quality of life, strengthen your relationship with your spouses and most importantly, give your children a solid, and calm foundation for success in life

A Little About Me

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