Dealing With Examining Boundaries

I believe there is a consensus today for understanding that setting boundaries is necessary for a child’s development.

Implementing rules and order, as well as implementing regular routines, builds the sense of security that the child needs and the proper conduct of the home.
But it is certainly easier said than done…Many parents are afraid of the process because they see it as threatening, difficult and even tough towards their kid, we often want to “compensate” our child for shortcomings we felt as children, and the most complex challenge is to implement the decisions we have made consistently, with as few “zigzags” as possible.

Indeed, without proper tools, setting boundaries is sometimes might feel as a ‘punishment’ for the child and a challenge to the parent. But it is important first of all to understand what boundaries suit us as parents, that match our philosophy and beliefs and then, adhere only to those we can consistently meet.

The boundaries can of course vary depending on the age and ability of the child and according to our ability as parents.
Together, we will find the right balance that suits you as a family and will provide you with simple but essential principles for successful implementation.

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