No One Prepares Us for Parenting,

 The most challenging, complex and important task of our lives. Precisely because of this, we have the responsibility to learn, to acquire the right set of tools, to consult and to improve.
I invite you to enrich your toolbox as a parent and develop your parenting skills in a pleasant, effective and focused guidance for your family unit, from anywhere in the world.

A Little About Me

My name is Tanya, married to Dror and a proud mother to Iddo, Danielle, Tom and Mika.
From the very outset, my passion and my greatest love has been children.
More than a decade ago, we relocated to Sydney, Australia. Back then, it was only Dror and myself.

A few weeks before we even got settled in Australia, we conceived our first child. 

Unlike in many other countries, it is very common for children to start kindergarten only at the age of two, so it turned out, I had quality time with each of my children up to two years to learn together, get to know each other and experience. In Australia, I had the opportunity to be exposed to different cultures and methods of raising and educating children, to adopt the ones I loved and to develop and adapt others and most importantly – to implement them successfully in our family.

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Relocation is a complex and challenging process for the whole family. Most of us are not accustomed to transitions and changes, and even more so

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